by Sallah

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released December 15, 2016

Music and lyrics by Sallah

Guitars, bass, and vocals tracked at the Well of Souls
Drums tracked at Menegroth, the Thousand Caves by Colin Marston

Mixed at the Well of Souls by Mike LaRocco
Mastered at Menegroth, the Thousand Caves by Colin Marston

Album cover art illustration © 2016, Tom Martin

Belloq - Guitar, vocals
Lao Che - Guitar, vocals
Mola Ram - Bass, vocals
The Mean Mongolian - Drums

Additional hollering by Charles "Chuck" Bitautas
Horns up for Toht II and his contributions to the band from 2008 - 2011.

Special Thanks:

Colonel Al Dillon
Major Alan "Dutch" Schaeffer
Captain Jim Hopper
Sergeant Blain Cooper
Sergeant Mac Elliot
Rick Hawkins
Jorge "Poncho" Ramirez
Billy Sole
Anna Gonsalves

Lieutenant First Class Ellen Ripley
Lieutenant Scott Gorman
Master Sergeant Al Apone
Corporal Cynthia Dietrich
Corporal Colette Ferro
Corporal Dwayne Hicks
Private First Class William L. Hudson
Private First Class Daniel Spunkmeyer
Private First Class Jennette Vasquez
Private Tip Crowe
Private Mark Drake
Private Rico Frost
Private Trevor Wierzbowski
Science Officer Lance Bishop
Rebecca "Newt" Jorden

Fuck Off:
Carter J. Burke



all rights reserved


Sallah Chicago, Illinois

Not only are Chicago winters as brutal as those in Norway, but Chicago also has sleet, and as we all know, sleet is the most grim form of precipitation.

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Track Name: The Skull Collector
Solo: Belloq

I stalk through this unknown world that you call home
Blend into these surroundings, strike once you’re alone
You have never seen my kind before
You are not prepared for this kind of war
Now it’s time for you to die
Your head will make a lovely prize

Your skull shall be placed on my wall
Remove the useless flesh surrounding your spine
Cleanse the bone of tissue and blood
As I look down upon your defeated carcass with pride
Empty skull containing no life
Forever preserved

I am the skull collector
Remain unseen
I am the skull collector
All fear me

Run for your life
Nowhere to hide

All blades have been sharpened, focusing on the next kill
My mark upon your chest foretells that your blood will spill
One by one you fall; I am the bearer of your demise
Strung up by the heels, stripped of skin and of life

Solo: Lao Che

I am the skull collector
Remain unseen
I am the skull collector
All fear me

Run for your life
Nowhere to hide
Track Name: LV-426
(Hadley’s Hope)

At the far edge of space
They were sent to bring life to this place
Isolate, Desolate
A world they must create

But alone they are not
A hidden evil inhabits this rock
Ignorant surrogates
Their slaughter awaits

They’ll pay for what they've done
The horror is yet to come

Dormant for all these years
Creatures worse than your darkest fears
In the vast nothingness no one hears you scream
Enjoy your stay on LV-426

Unprepared for the swarm
Terraformers’ terror forms
Dominate, inseminate
Use the flesh to incubate

They know not what they've done
Too late to stop what is to come

Hibernation ends
Hatching forth xenomorph
Close your eyes and submit to the cold embrace
Their life equals your death


Demon? Weapon?
Evolution, Perfection
We must have a specimen
Jaws – Claws – Exoskeleton – Acid for blood

Solo: Belloq

Knowing the danger, we send them out
Disguising our motives, with a vow to destroy
This small sacrifice must be made

(The Hive)

Where am I?
And how did I get here?
Bound by this secreted resin
But secreted from what?

Pressure builds inside
It's getting hard to breathe
My heart races, I start to sweat
There's something very wrong with me

Solo: Belloq

I feel my ribs begin to crack
I fear what comes next
Blood, flesh, bones erupt
As the spawn emerges from my chest

(Game Over)

Your role complete
You gave us life
And now we must ensure our species will survive

To serve the Queen
Our only task
We are as one and your time has come to pass

Game over